Fines - Who's been a bad boy then?
Tony Martin

Not using 'Ethos' in his speech.
Getting a yellow card for fouling a little boy half his size.
Forgetting his tracksuit top.
Naming a squad of 12 players in the starting line-up.

Chris Scott

Being late with the strip for the first game of the season.

Blair Muir

Doubting Marts of his estimation capability. Being involved in the TimeOut incident. Breaking out the boxing gloves at an innapropriate time and place.

Matt Sides

Stealing balls from Time Out and then throwing them around upstairs at The Cook
Getting a yellow card.
Taking two weeks off to travel north to visit a couple of merry woman - one on each island.

Graham Stott

John Steiner

Mick Pennell

Wearing Dad's hat. Being told off for standing up in the hydro-slide at Moana Pool. Also for abruptly diving into the slide entrance and smacking his head on the bar above.

Che Burtenshaw

Jonathon Gwyn

Paul Sides

Being told off by the Moana Pool attendant for having too many inflatable 'rings'.

Michael Burgess

Wearing Dad's hat

Kris Littlejohn

Going to the supermarket whilst being stripped up during a match and buying a big bag of potato chips to eat as a substitute. Turning up to a game with a large Pizza Hut pizza for breakfast.

Colin Hopkins

Tim Horner

Trying to kick a ball into a bucket full of ice and water but proceeding to knock it over and spill its contents.

Sam J Richards

Pouring a bucket of ice cold water over Colin then proceeding to smash the bucket. Also being involved in the TimeOut Incident. Taking an unacceptable amount of time to hand in his profile!

Michael Pickworth

Kinnon Brash

Leaving for Wellington in the holidays and getting his flatmate Lucy, to inform the team management.

Omega Amoafa

Joe Lonsdale

Tim Davidson

Michael Gray

Will Smith


Being another of those involved in the TimeOut incident.

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