Feltchers v Dunedin Technical
Score: Caversham (2)2 - 8(4) Dunedin Technical
Culling Park - /06/2000: 12.45

01. Paul Sides
24. Matt Sides
19. Trevor Newton (55)
25. Kris Littlejohn
27. Mick Pennell
32. Tim Horner
27. Graham Stott
31. Tony Martin
19. Will Smith
15. Michael Gray
22. Tim Davidson (61)

32. Alex Gilks (61)
26. Michael Burgess (55)

Goal Scorers:
Michael Gray '20
Michael Pennell '41

MVP Points
3 - Kris Littlejohn
2 - Tim Horner
1 - Michael Gray

Man of the Match - Kris Littlejohn

Fielding our weakest side of the season, we played the strongest side we had met and were ruthlessly disposed of. We were beaten in every area of the park and many basic errors we made were cruelly punished.
In general terms our depth was exposed but other reasons for the loss were evident (see below - Appendix 1).
A very disappointing end to a great run.

Appendix One
What a Disaster!!

Contributing Factors:

-- Picky rings in with food poisoning. Unavaliable.
-- Yashto never turns up.
-- Too many players on holiday.
-- No momentum due to a weeks break due to a fucking rugby test.
-- Poor goalkeeping by Sidesy Junior.
-- Too slow at the back (Tony, Matt, Trevor).
-- Too much space in midfield.
-- Will playing with a possible sress fracture in his back.

-- Tech too fired up for us. Won every 50/50.

-- I feel the young guys were too complacent.
-- Mick Pennell: 1st game back after injury - too slow.

--Thought about changing formation - not brave enough.
--Should have instincts, but didn't.

Time to bring Blair Muir in as 'Technical Director' to help run the bench if Tony Martin is playing - Also to assist in trainings?

Basically everything that could have gone wrong did and many people were put in uneviable positions (Paul, Mick, Trev, Tony, Will, and Alex), and on the day they didn't cut it.

Things to take away from this are:

Decent, consistent pre-match preparation and planning.

Every match must be thoroughly thought through - formation, personal, and timing pre-match.

More players are needed at training to work on shape and formation.