Directory to The Feltchers' Off Field Antics


Photo's 1 ]

The early 1999 feltchers
Inside the Cavvy Clubrooms
Matthew Sides' Twenty-First
The 1999 keg party
And the lads all decked out for the end of season function '99

Photo's 2 ]

Adventures of Sidies, Shaggy, Minger, and Deno. 1999 - 2000
See the LADS as they venture to Nelson for the dawning of the new millennium

Photo's 3 ]

More antics from Lax, Abrun, Diggler, and Shaggy
Join them on their journey to the paradise of Wangaloa
See the Feltchers coming home from their victorious away trip to Alexandra
And join the fun as the Feltchers gather at Shaggy's den for the first keg party of 2000

Photo's 4 ]

Indulge in more of keg party 2000 and see a top pic of ome of the Feltchers on the hunt!!!

Photo's 5 ]

The build up to the final match of the year 2000 - Bring it on!!!
The aftermath - A premature awakening to the glory of the Feltcher Cup 2000 - INDULGE

Photo's 6 ]

The Feltchers and the Chinese Charity Cup
La burge getting the trim of a lifetime
The Feltchers all decked out in their number fours for the end of season function 2000 - Must see
Pics of the big event at the Beach Hotel 23/09/2000

Photo's 7 ]

Catch a glimpse of Blairwa's Twenty-First
Take a moment to reflect upon a memorable feltcher season as the boys drink from the silverware
Keg party number two for the year 2000

Photo's 8 ]

A momemt to be savoured by one and all!!!
The nectare of the Gods coming from the vessel from heaven
The Feltchers Take an evening to marvel in the outcome of the season of their lives

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