Feltchers v Roslyn Waikari
Score: Caversham (3)6 - 2(1) Roslyn Waikari
Tonga Park #2 - 6/5/00

01. Jon Gwynn
24. Matt Sides
19. Colin Hopkins
25. Kris Littlejohn
29. Kinnon Brash
23. Sam Richards (70)
14. Justin Morze
27. Graham Stott
18. Joe Lonsdale
16. Michael Abbott
18. Tim Davidson (58)

22. Will Smith
31. Tony Martin
13. Omega Amoafa (58)
28. Mick Pennell
30. Michael Pickworth (70)

Goal Scorers
Sam Richards '10
Kinnon Brash '27
Michael Abbott '40 '77
Tim Davidson '55
Omega Amoafa '59

MVP Points
3 - Michael Abbott
2 - Justin Morze
1 - Joe Lonsdale

Man of the Match - Michael Abbott

As has become the pattern this game allowed us to display some excellent passages of play and deft touches but a sustained, concerted effort could not be produced
Defensive lapses and miscommunication were evident until a formation change in the second half
Omega scored with his first touch of the game and Abbo played superbly; and while scoring six is pleasing we are still looking to produce the game where it all clicks
The midfield produced a hard-working effort and despite some problems we were pretty dominant. This was an important win
The Ellis Park pitch was very good