Feltchers v Otago Boys High School
Score: Caversham (4)7 - 1(1) OBHS
Bayfield Park One - 12.45pm - 17/6/00

01. Che Burtenshaw
24. Matt Sides
19. Colin Hopkins
18. Joe Lonsdale
25. Kris Littlejohn
31. Tony Martin - YELLOW
27. Graham Stott (83)
30. Michael Pickworth
29. Tim Davidson
26. Tim Horner
15. Michael Gray (65)

23. Yashto Jeranishi (65)
32. Richard Gray (83)
28. Mick Pennell
69. Michael Burgess

Goal Scorers:
Michael Pickworth '8 '37 '76 '85
Michael Gray '43
Tim Davidson '34
Joe Lonsdale '58

MVP Points
3 - Michael Pickworth
2 - Tim Horner
1 - Colin Hopkins

Man of the Match - Michael Pickworth

A game we went in to without a squad of depth. Preparation not ideal (Hoss arrived at the kick off) and at the beginning we seemed to be not fully concentrating. Tony and Hoss both displayed a lack of touch at the back.
Eventually we settled down (after allowing them to equalise 1-1, bad mistake at the back...Hoss) and for twenty-five minutes, into the wind, played well.
The second half was a battle against ourselves as the job was done.
Overall we didn't play well as a team, but it was a useful exercise to give other guys a run and see how we handle having six players out.