The Feltcher Cup Photo Gallery
The Feltchers flock to Abbo's aid after he was on the end of a dirty challenge (SamJ, Hoss, Colin, Abbo, Sidesy, and Joseph)
The power and the passion as Abbo diddles his opponent before a pinpoint cross to the awaiting Feltchers
I see red as the Boss sets up the attack from the back
Brash by name, Brash by nature
Kinnon opens fire on the target of the opposition goal. Show me the money.
Jon Gwyn manifests his aptitude in goals at Ellis Park
Abbo goes through the motion of an attacking corner with SamJ and Stotty ready to feed off the scraps
National All White's head coach Kenneth Dugdale heard rumours of the talent involved in the Feltcher Institute of Semi-Professional Footballers, of course he felt a duty to view this footballing scenic vista
Abbo and Justin congratulate each other on the prowess involved in the clinical finishing in front of goal, with Arrow about to join in the illustrious celebration
Colin stands in awe as Abbo is winds up for an attacking free kick, in an attempt of emulating the likes of David Beckham and Roberto Carlos.
From a corner Sidesy, Kinnon, and Joe hound the goalkeeper, amidst all of the confusion the ball breaks free and launches towards the empty back post. Roslyn fucked up due to being out of position...and we scored!

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