The Feltcher Cup Photo Gallery
Sideburns are obviously the essence of a strong, well hung unit (joseph, Sidesy, and the big Boss Man)
Fresh from his Romper Stomper, the musical auditions Charlie Brown gears up to take on the punks from Boys High with Michael John Pickworth
Heads up ladies, we're at the halfway stage of the game, five - one up (Boss and Joe)
Welcome to the Powerade drinks break...yet again Joe, Sidies, Boss, and Horndog
The wingbacks (Marts and Stotty) take up their role on the posts as Che prepares to pounce on the pill
Cheer up fellas, we just scored (Hoss, Joseph, Boss, Che, Sidesy, and HornDog)
Joseph attempts to 'shank' his man down the left flank
Stotty winds up to deliver the perfect 'muffin' into the MIXER!

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