The Feltcher Cup Photo Gallery
Stotty takes the game by the balls at the home of Feltcher Cup: Tonga2
The Ginger Ninja Minger rolls over and takes it like only Minger can
SamJ makes way for SteinDog with a new injection of panache required for the game
Picky, HornDog, Miss Rochelle, SamJ, Cooz, and Marts: an impressive looking Feltcher Cup bench
Cooz, Jiggy, Picky, and SamJ basking in the Balclutha sun whilst viewing the splendors of the current Feltcher Cup performance
The Boss delivers the new Feltcher strategy...checkmate
As always the Feltcher's defensive line is readying themselves for a possible Balclutha attack
Mr Martin delivers some insightful comments to spark up the performance of his beloved and treasured Feltcher Cup unit
HornDog, Mystery, SteinDog, Hoss, and Sidies taking a slurp of the sponsors product...some high quality H2O
A job well done as the boys leave the field after a perfect 7-nil annihilation of the South Otago cougars

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